Media Mohol

Media Mohol, a media company and marketing solution provider, established in London in August 2002. Media Mohol specializes in comprehensive public relation services, marketing solutions, customized business networking, media partnership, event management and online media coverage. Eminent personalities and leading diplomats visited the Media Mohol office from time to time to show appreciation and to provide encouragement for this organisation.

SHOMOY is the mouthpiece of thousands of expatriate Bangladeshis around the world. Edited by Sayed Chowdhury and published by Media Mohol. The SHOMOY truly reflects and captures the current news and views around the world within specific moments of time. Established since 2004 (as a magazine) in London. From 2006 SHOMOY is an online daily ( SHOMOY caters for the multicultural community and focuses on informative and analytical updates on current affairs, latest trends, health, education, culture, lifestyle and sports.

Media Mohol’s high-profile products: UK Bangla Directory (Britain’s first one-stop guide to Bangladeshi businesses), UK Asian Restaurant Directory (Britain’s first Asian restaurant directory) and Muslim Index (The essential directory for the Muslim World).

Muslim Index: The essential directory for the Muslim World. Muslim Index aims to create an integrated Ummah by strengthening the relationship within the Islamic community in order to help Muslims to fulfill their mutual interests. From religion to finance, it is vital that Muslims know what resources are available within their own global community. This publication also aims to break barriers and build bridges between the Muslim world and the wider society. It is first published in 2010.

UK Asian Restaurant Directory – Britain’s first Asian restaurant directory and captures all the Asian cuisines based in the UK. It contains contact details, phone numbers, addresses of UK-based Asian restaurants (Bangladeshi, Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan, Malaysian, Middle Eastern, Chinese, Japanese, Thai etc.). It has brought the Asian cuisines on a single platform. It was first published in 2007.

UK Bangla Directory – a celebrated index and Britain’s first one-stop annual guide to Bangladeshi businesses and organisations in Britain. Focusing on UK businesses, it also contains a descriptive history of Sylhet as well as different aspects of life in Bangladesh. It has been publishing since 2003.